Days are numbered

With the uncomfortably fast approach of the start of exams next week, I have been doing everything in my power to avoid studying.  I’ve been productive in other ways, but unfortunately that doesn’t make up for the fact that study time has been wasted.  In the past week, I finished two books (not school-related) and got a new tattoo.  Generally considered life wins by me, they were done in an attempt to avoid the inevitable.  Now, I plan to write this post in yet another strategic time-wasting move.

The first book I finished  is one of Charlotte Brontë’s lesser known classics, Villette.  Jane Eyre is among my all-time favorite novels and this other story did not disappoint.  I have various spirit animal categories, and Brontë for sure fits in my 19th century bad ass women box.  Lucy Snowe, while not a particularly forthright character, traveled to Belgium alone (considered very unorthodox given the time period) to teach English and generally just exemplifies what it means to be a single lady who’s killin’ it in life and attitude.

After finishing it, I wanted to start something a little less heavy so I picked up Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance.  A good friend in Baltimore bought it for me before I left and after drunkenly leaving it behind on my day of departure, I’ve recently gotten it back in my possession.  Speaking again of spirit animals, Ansari won me over in Parks & Rec, but really moved to the next level with Master of None.  He and I are very similar in the ways we view relationships and societal pressure to conform, so I was interested to read his take on the way people find romance and life partners in the digital age.

Coming from a social science background, I wasn’t altogether shocked by any of the findings but found the way in which he presented them to be extremely entertaining.  I particularly identified with the characterization of people as satisficers (combination of satisfy and suffice) and maximizers.  Satisficers are the people who settle in life, and are happy settling.  They may not have the best, but they’re content either way.  The maximizers, on the other hand, always think there is something better out there and spent countless hours researching things; be it jobs, vacations, or even people to date.  Ultimately, they land a damn good deal but are left wondering if they’ve made the right choice, a choice that could potentially close off better options.  I am the quintessential maximizer.

The book also got me thinking about apps like Tinder, which I ended up downloading again two nights ago.  I ended my short-lived relationship about a month ago, for a various number of reasons, and recently as a distraction from things I should actually be doing, wanted to get back out and test the waters.  Tinder is notoriously amusing, whether it be how weird people are or guys with an actual funny description.  I saw this one this morning and had to screenshot it.  The following made me laugh hysterically for a straight minute:

Ideal date?  Fool me with fake pictures you found on the internet, invite me to your house, kill me and smoke my bones.

Classic.  Anyway, have matched with some people, gotten a couple messages.  Will likely find the whole thing as rubbish as before I started seriously dating here.  I am possibly meeting someone for drinks tomorrow, a ginger police officer from Wexford, but will not expect too much.  Now is certainly not the time for anything serious.

So, with that said, my focus should really be on the 6 final exams looming in front of me.  The motivator being my Christmas holiday in Sligo, followed by NYE with Hannah, and no class for almost the whole of January.  I finally have my immigration appointment tomorrow evening to obtain my resident card (hello, end to illegal immigrant status) and plan to spend the entire day studying in the city center up until 6.  I got a bit of work done today, but not nearly as much as I could have.  Tomorrow will hopefully make up for that.

Though my days of procrastination are numbered, there’s still time to tie up loose ends and finish strong… right after I put down this new book.

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