Setting up the basics: shopping

Something has to be said about stores the likes of Walmart and Target: they make moving to a new place extremely easy.  That caliber of one-stop shopping isn’t too commonplace in Ireland so you’ll find yourself hopping around to get the basics you need to set-up your new digs.  To take the guesswork out of it, I’ve detailed my picks for affordable shopping in Dublin.


Known as Penneys in Ireland and Primark everywhere else, this international chain is known for its discount clothing, accessories, and beauty products.  They also have quite a large home section where you can get your bedroom and bathroom essentials on the cheap.

  • Good for: duvet, pillows, duvet covers and sheets, blankets, bath towels, bath mats, clothing hampers, decorations (candles, string lights, sculptures, etc.)
  • Location: all over Dublin — check the store locator


I recently met someone who claimed they had never been to IKEA which, if true, is very unfortunate.  This store can rob hours from your life but unlike most things in life, you won’t even be mad about it.  As the majority of apartments come already furnished, you likely will only need small items.

  • Good for: clothes drying rack, rugs, shower curtain, tool kit (always handy to have around the house), ironing board, house plants
  • Location: St Margaret’s Rd, Ballymun — from city center, the 140 bus will drop you right outside the store


This is the closest you’re going to get to Walmart only you won’t rack up 10K steps during your shopping trip.  At Argos, you can shop in-store through a catalog or online (preferable).  If you opt for the online experience, simply reserve your items with your email address and head to the store to pay and pick-up.  You can find some great deals here on a wide range of products.  Their low-cost line is called Simple Value.

  • Good for: kettle, blender, cutlery, space heater, iron
  • Location: all over Dublin — store locator


Like a dollar store but classier, you can get food as well as small, inexpensive household items.  You’ll also find plenty of cleaning supplies.  You’ll need them.  Most landlords don’t bother having their rentals cleaned after the last tenant leaves.

  • Good for: food storage containers, clothing hangers, mop and bucket, broom and dustpan, sponges, cleaning supplies
  • Location: all over Dublin — store locator

TK Maxx

That’s not a typo, it’s called TK instead of TJ here.  However, just like in the US prices can be hit or miss.  I have been able to find affordable home items though, it’s just a matter of searching.  Although a lot of the below-mentioned can be picked up at IKEA, I’ve found the quality will be better here.

  • Good for: pots and pans, food storage containers (including bento lunch boxes), baking paraphernalia, kitchen bric-a-brac
  • Location: all over Dublin – store locator


*Photo credit: Gareth Byrne

2 thoughts on “Setting up the basics: shopping

  1. I just noticed the different topics at the top of your blog page. I clicked my way through them. Pretty cool. I love the world map and enjoyed looking at all the places you have traveled so far.
    Nicely done!

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