Just like that

After too many months of poverty and uncertainty, my ship finally came in. I was out meeting a friend for a drink when I looked down at my phone and just like that, my luck changed. It was an email from my editor for a website I’ve freelanced with since 2018. She was offering a 3-month contract position as a content editor. Even at 20 hours a week, the money is good, my friends.

I started at the end of April and the learning curve has been steep at times but I feel like I’m coming into my own in terms of confidence. The imposter syndrome was real at first. I read into everything my boss said on our twice weekly Zoom calls, compared myself to the other guy on the project. Those closest to me did their best to talk me down and tell me not to worry. Of course, they were right but I’ll be the first to admit I can be overly reactive in times of stress.

Since starting, I was offered another part-time position as a content creator with an educational website. I accepted it only to find out they couldn’t hire me because I’m based overseas. Slight disappointment aside, it showed me that this wave I’m riding isn’t a one-off.

I still have moments where I can’t believe I’m finally doing it. I’m not just surviving, I’m making money doing something that doesn’t suck. No longer a starving artist, but a legit human writer. I have to say it has done wonders for how I view every other part of my life. It’s hard to find a bad day these days and that’s immensely refreshing.

There is where the twist comes in.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.” – Bridget Jones

Just when I thought this residency situation was sorted, Spain’s incredibly inefficient bureaucracy served me up a big ol’ bocadillo de mierda last week. I’m currently waiting to find out why my application was unsuccessful. They insist on sending the explanation by snail mail which can apparently take 7-15 days despite being sent from an office in Madrid to an address in Madrid.

Despite this though, I’m taking it in stride. Something is bound to work out and being determined to stay here means I’ll find a way. I suppose it’s the balance of the universe — when everything is up, something has to be down.

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