Dirty dealing: a guide to protecting your rental deposit in Dublin

On August 1st, I hung the keys on the nail by the door and walked out of my building in Donnybrook for the last time.  Rather than a sense of relief that I was closing this chapter of my life and moving on to a new and exciting one in another country, I had one question repeating in my mind: would I get my deposit back? Continue reading “Dirty dealing: a guide to protecting your rental deposit in Dublin”

House of horrors: finding a gaff in Dublin

*gaff  Irish slang word for house

In the summer of 2016, I left my life behind in Baltimore’s stifling July heat: a well-paid job with great co-workers, friends at neighborhood bars like a scene out of Cheers, and my family a stone’s throw away.  I had packed up my most important belongings into two suitcases and with a one-way ticket, got on a plane that would take me across the Atlantic.  Continue reading “House of horrors: finding a gaff in Dublin”

Setting up the basics: shopping

Something has to be said about stores the likes of Walmart and Target: they make moving to a new place extremely easy.  That caliber of one-stop shopping isn’t too commonplace in Ireland so you’ll find yourself hopping around to get the basics you need to set-up your new digs.  To take the guesswork out of it, I’ve detailed my picks for affordable shopping in Dublin. Continue reading “Setting up the basics: shopping”