Finding meaning in Hemingway’s Madrid

At the end of May, I went to Madrid to do some research for a piece about Ernest Hemingway I’m working on.  I use the term research lightly; I was going to drink in the bar he loved, sit at his table, glean what I could from the energy of the place.  I’d have his favorite meal at his favorite restaurant (incidentally the oldest in the world), walk along the avenues he walked.  Try to understand what it was and is about the city that keeps one coming back. Continue reading “Finding meaning in Hemingway’s Madrid”

Making it official

I did something today I should have done when I first started this blog — I signed up for WordPress Premium.  I got to pick a sweet .com domain, have access to new customization features, and best of all, no more ads.  The ads weren’t wholly apparent on the mobile site, but on the desktop version they were dubious at best.  One of my coworkers commented that she saw one that was pseudo-porn which was embarrassing given the fact most legit blogs with ads choose the advertisers.

Continue reading “Making it official”

The trials and tribulations of freelance writing

I made the mistake of checking my phone early this morning when the vibrating notification woke me up.  I had submitted a draft of a narrative piece about dating overseas and its associated difficulties late last night and at 3 am, the editor got back to me.  I saw from the preview that it was her and nearly put the phone back down, telling myself I’d check it at a more appropriate time.  Thinking it over for a minute, I reasoned that I wouldn’t get back to sleep anyway.  That wondering about what it said would keep me up.  It turns out I didn’t sleep anyway. Continue reading “The trials and tribulations of freelance writing”