Wheels up

Spent a very leisurely day around town; lunch at my favorite falafel place then some trusty retail therapy.  Wanted to get a new outfit or two for my trip to Madrid tomorrow.  My flight is at an inconvenient 6 am, but going this route saved me a good bit of money. Continue reading

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Perception, deception, and the hard truth

“You’ll admit that you’re a difficult person, right?” He asked as he sat opposite me in a long, vinyl booth at a diner in Antwerp. I remained still, brows furrowed and jaw set, looking back at him. Although I knew there was truth in his words, I would admit to nothing. Continue reading

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An intercontinental tug o’ war

As March approaches, I am faced with the reality of my future and deciding the direction I want it to take.  Life has been wonderfully busy since January and will continue to be until my dissertation is signed, sealed, and delivered in early July.  And though that is still some months away, the present entails some difficult questions and soul-searching. Continue reading

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Childlike whims

We officially started our first day of second semester today.  The first 3.5 hours were devoted to Health Economics and Policy which, thanks to our dynamic guest lecturer, turned out to be not as awful as I imagined. Continue reading

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This and that

This month of freedom is coming to an end, and it’s probably for the best.  I’ve gotten way too comfortable with sleeping in late and/or laying around in bed.  Those who know me well are aware that one of my favorite pastimes is being in bed, with eating in bed while watching TV ranks particularly high on my list.  The Romans used to feast reclining on cushions, so why can’t I? Continue reading

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