Fluidity of time

This coming weekend marks two months at my current job.  It has gone by so unbelievably fast and I feel as if I’ve been stumbling through time in a daze. Continue reading

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A trip up North

My very close friend from Baltimore, Molly, arrived in Dublin on the 2nd.  I hadn’t seen her since my trip back home last May.  We began that Thursday night by trekking across the city to drop my dog off at the sitter’s in the Kilmainham area.  I told her it would be a long walk, but she hadn’t imagined long meant five miles, so needless to say she was a bit frazzled and ready to plop down at the nearest bar after we said goodbye to Louie. Continue reading

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Westport wanderings: part two

Part two, the final portion of my trip to Westport, is detailed below.  In case you missed part one, you can catch it here.

I was given a walking stick and a cardboard sign and instructed to hitchhike to Croagh Patrick; it was easy and everyone did it.  I found myself a little wary of the idea, not because of the possible safety concerns, but for a weird fear of asking a stranger for a favor. Continue reading

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Westport wanderings: part one

I’ve broken up this narrative of my trip into two separate entries for length’s sake; it turned out to be much longer and more detailed than I thought it would be when I started typing.  Part 1 today, part 2 tomorrow — it’s already written so this won’t turn out to be another of my (in)famous cliffhangers. Continue reading

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The power of symbolism

I find life easiest when it’s compartmentalized.  That’s why I like New Year’s so much.  Not for the parties or the fanfare, but for the symbolic closing of a chapter and the idea that one can start completely fresh. Continue reading

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