A juggling act

So I lied.  I said I wouldn’t go on hiatus again but looking at that’s post’s timestamp tells me the time between then and now is actually longer than the last posting gap.  But despite the dead air on my blog’s front, I’ve been busy pursuing a lot of writing opportunities.  Also, I adopted a dog. Continue reading “A juggling act”


I’ve been on a bit of hiatus from writing lately, albeit unintentional.  Sometimes inspiration, or in my case just plain motivation, doesn’t come.  In these instances I should force myself to but being the hedonist I am, I instead sink deeper under the covers and watch that next episode on Netflix. Continue reading “Hiatus”

Two down

We’re in the final week before an 18 day holiday for Christmas and New Year’s and it’s incredible to think I’m already two months in.  The time has flown by.  Obviously only working four days helps but it seems like the same story each week: I’m staring down Monday with that inevitable dread, thinking the weekend will take ages to come around, then the next thing I know, it’s Thursday afternoon and I’m on the bus back to Madrid.  As much as it’s great that the school year is slipping away, I can’t help but think everything else is, too. Continue reading “Two down”