Deep thoughts, shallow thoughts

I do my best thinking in the shower.  As the water runs down my face and pools around my feet, I somehow gain a new perspective.  Things become clearer.  But living alone during the quarantine has meant those moments have become decidedly fewer and farther between. Continue reading “Deep thoughts, shallow thoughts”

A juggling act

So I lied.  I said I wouldn’t go on hiatus again but looking at that’s post’s timestamp tells me the time between then and now is actually longer than the last posting gap.  But despite the dead air on my blog’s front, I’ve been busy pursuing a lot of writing opportunities.  Also, I adopted a dog. Continue reading “A juggling act”

Growing pains

While I have decidedly firm (and most definitely pretentious) notions about what’s good and what’s crap when it comes to music, I do shamelessly indulge in what I call my guilty pleasure artists.  Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Drake and other mindless hit factories are good for churning out catchy tunes you can crank at parties, sing to while you do the dishes, or just dance to in front the bathroom mirror sin pantalones. Continue reading “Growing pains”