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On loss and letting go

I don’t get homesick very often.  Not even the times I spent Christmas away from family and friends, staying at a hostel alone, did I have moments when felt sad or lonely.  But this past weekend, it hit me full … Continue reading

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Homeward bound

I leave for the States on Wednesday and will make my rounds with friends and family for three weeks, give or take.  If all works out as planned I will return with Louie, my poodle x schnauzer mix at the … Continue reading

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An intercontinental tug o’ war

As March approaches, I am faced with the reality of my future and deciding the direction I want it to take.  Life has been wonderfully busy since January and will continue to be until my dissertation is signed, sealed, and … Continue reading

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This and that

This month of freedom is coming to an end, and it’s probably for the best.  I’ve gotten way too comfortable with sleeping in late and/or laying around in bed.  Those who know me well are aware that one of my … Continue reading

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