On hope and endings

Why is everyone I idolize dead? I thought as I laid quietly in bed.

I had just finished Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour and needed a moment to let it all sink in.  The ending of a book is usually a moment of somber reflection for me.  It’s a ritual that begins by reading the last page or paragraph twice, maybe three times, before closing it silently and falling into my thoughts.  Each story is an emotional and mental investment and seeing it come to a close is like ending a relationship.  You need some time to accept its conclusion and move on. Continue reading “On hope and endings”

All play and no work

It seems the old adage can go both ways: all play can make you feel just as dull.

Today I celebrate my one month unemployment anniversary and rather than having the time of my life, my days have been wracked with guilt and a general sense of purposelessness.  Continue reading “All play and no work”