Highs and lows

Riding the highs and trudging through the lows like shoes caked in sticky mud.  It’s both interesting and maddening to me how some moments can hang on for dear life while others shoot through you like bolts of lightning.  The bad feelings and the good, respectively of course.  As we came to learn through middle school English class, “nothing gold can stay.” I left Alicante … Continue reading Highs and lows

On happiness

The wonderful thing about happiness is that it is something you own.  A feeling that seems at times almost as tangible as it is intangible.  It’s something you work for tirelessly, so when you find it, you hold tight and don’t let go.

But in reality, no one can take that happiness away from you unless you let them.

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Finding meaning in Hemingway’s Madrid

At the end of May, I went to Madrid to do some research for a piece about Ernest Hemingway I’m working on.  I use the term research lightly; I was going to drink in the bar he loved, sit at his table, glean what I could from the energy of the place.  I’d have his favorite meal at his favorite restaurant (incidentally the oldest in the world), walk along the avenues he walked.  Try to understand what it was and is about the city that keeps one coming back. Continue reading “Finding meaning in Hemingway’s Madrid”

On love and geographical mistresses

The following post was composed en route from Madrid to Dublin and was a very cathartic exercise in introspection and understanding.

As I sit here on the plane, leaving Madrid, I’ve spent a good deal of time gazing down at the scene below. Spain glides on beneath me, a patchwork quilt of browns and tans, baking under the summer sun. I’ve had a strange and often tumultuous relationship with this country since the first day I set foot on its rugged ground eight years ago.

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