Highs and lows

Riding the highs and trudging through the lows like shoes caked in sticky mud.  It’s both interesting and maddening to me how some moments can hang on for dear life while others shoot through you like bolts of lightning.  The bad feelings and the good, respectively of course.  As we came to learn through middle school English class, “nothing gold can stay.” I left Alicante … Continue reading Highs and lows

Stumbling into 2018

2017 has been a difficult year and frankly, I haven’t cared for it.  Not to say nothing positive happened.  No, that would be dramatic.  But unfortunately the bad memories have had a way of sticking out, shoving their way to the front of my mind, leaving all the good ones grumbling and disgruntled in their wake. Continue reading “Stumbling into 2018”